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Message from RISD Chairperson

Dear Partners,

This is my first communication in my capacity as the new Chairperson of Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD), a position I assumed on 14th December 2016. I am personally delighted to be associated with RISD because of its achievements and focus over the past 20 years, I am happy to add my contribution. I am honored to join an organization with well founded partnership with various stakeholders, who make the work of the organization a success in many aspects. Some contribute in terms of ideas, others as beneficiaries, others as strategic partners and others as donors.

RISD has systematically remained in the area of land, starting with influencing the inclusiveness process in the formulation of the 2004 Land Policy and the Organic Land Law of 2005, to current monitoring of the implementation of these frameworks, making the organization an authority in the area. As we all know, land is the most important economic and livelihood for over 90% of Africa including Rwanda.

The uniqueness of RISD, is its ability to combine the scientific, social and advocacy approaches in her work, and this is what has attracted me most as a scientist. I join RISD at its very exciting stage, of going ICT. RISD has launched her IT application, the “RISD- ICT4D” (ICT for Development), aimed at strengthening the research and data analysis of the organization for both quality and pace. “Timely and reliable data is much needed by policy makers who need to make laws and take decisions informed by credible data.”

I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation and support and wish you every best in the new year 2017. I look forward to strengthening and broadening further our partnership.


Prof. LWAKABAMBA Silas, Chairperson, RISD Board